The Bee Wild & Free Collection

Every season HOT MESS Swimwear will design a Karma Kini Collection to help bring awareness to important topics.  HOT MESS Swimwear will spotlight various causes, including Human, Environmental and Animals Rights.  A percentage of all sales from these limited edition Karma Kinis will be donated to featured organizations and groups that are working to help the cause.  Every Karma Kini is hand sewn and proudly made in Canada.

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Bee Wild & Free Bikini

Every Bee Wild & Free Karma Kini comes with a cute red Heart Shaped "Plantable" Seed Tag infused with wildflower seeds specially selected to attract Bumble Bees. Please remember to plant this special gift tag.  It is the easiest way you can help save our Bees and ultimately our planet.  

The gingham fabric symbolizes a time when the worlds Bee population was wild, free and healthy. The daisy trim represents wild flowers, planting wild flowers is easiest way everyone can help save our Bees.

You may have noticed this summer that there are not as many of our little striped friends buzzing around.   Bumble bees are in big trouble.  Ultimately the decline in bees affects everyone.

Bees pollinate our wildflowers and crops....our food sources.  If the bumblebee population continues to decline, our world will face ecological turmoil.

Sadly things aren't going well and some species are threatened with extinction.

Without bees, our planet would be a whole different place.   To put this into perspective, bees pollinate about one-sixth of the flowering plant species and approximately 400 different kinds of agricultural plants.

Over the years changes in farming practices and the use of pesticides has created havoc on bee and wildflower populations.  

For every Bee Wild & Free Bikini sold 10% of profits will be donated to various organizations that are helping to save our Bees.



For more information on this very important topic and for ways for you to help make a difference, please visit the following websites:

Friends of the Earth started in 1978   as a small group of people concerned with environmental issues.  This group is involved with the "Bee Cause" which calls for a ban on bee harmful pesticides and practices while proposing and delivering practical ways to help bees and wild pollinators.

Their website has many interesting articles and information on bees as well as a link to the new documentary "A Ghost in the Making: Searching for the Rusty-patched Bumble Bee"



The David Suzuki Foundation is dedicated to protecting the diversity of nature and inspiring Canadians to act with nature in mind.  

The Xerces Society is an international non profit organization that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitat. 

 Pollinator Partnership Canada is a registered not for profit organization dedicated exclusively to the protection and promotion of pollination. 

BeesMatter is an initiative to restate agriculture's commitment to honey bees and bring knowledge to the Canadian public about how they can get involved and help honey bees thrive.


 The simple act of planting wildflowers and refraining from using pesticides can make a difference....we can all do our part to be a small piece of a very large puzzle.

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